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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I spent six nights in Savannah, so I was looking for something not super pricey. The place’s best attribute by far is the staff. I have literally never stayed anywhere in my life (and I travel a lot) where the staff are so great. Maybe like me you’ve read the phrase ‘proud to do their jobs well’ before and rolled your eyes, but this place converted me. Literally every single person was positive, friendly, and helpful. Even if what I was asking about wasn’t strictly in their job description, and I was just asking so they could find the right person, they would immediately take charge to help me with whatever the issue.  The concierge knows everything. The front desk personnel do the check in and out faster than any place I’ve been to, without at all making you feel rushed. The valets are cheerful (I didn’t have a car, so can’t comment on their driving). And all the other people whose jobs I don’t know to define, were just fantastic. I got food recommendations, and not a single one disappointed. I got great directions to wherever I was going. When I asked if they supplied umbrellas on a rainy day, and it was pointed out to me that there was one in my room supplied by them, they managed to say it in a way that I didn’t feel dumb. When a tour company stood me up (they were supposed to collect me for a tour) they did everything possible to get me connected with the group.  Just literally the best service I have ever had from a hotel.  The building is old, and quirky. Personally I love the slightly off kilter floor angles, and the sight of old traditional tile. However, that is not for everyone. If you like everything smooth, even, and at right angles, go somewhere else. If you enjoy a building with character and history, Marshall House is a great place.  To be clear, the place is very clean. Additionally the mattress in my room was firm and new. There were updated electronics in the room – a device for charging multiple electronics including USB ports. And the WIFI, which is often a pet peeve because it isn’t nearly as fast as promised, was consistent and great. Someone at the hotel is clearly paying attention to the small details that make or break a stay.   The breakfast spread that is included for a nominal fee has a very reasonable breath and depth. Meaning there is an acceptable variety of egg products, baked products, fruit, etc., and simultaneously the food is of decent quality. It’s not the equivalent of a high end brunch place, but it absolutely does the job. And the covered courtyard where breakfast is held is quite charming.  I highly recommend staying here, especially if you are a tourist. The access to downtown Savannah is perfect, and the street isn’t too noisy at night.
Reviewed by Ayala Cnaan on 12/21/19 via TripAdvisor


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

 Would give it 6 stars if i could. Would stay there again. Love the atmosphere love the staff love the convenience of the location loved it, loved it, loved it
Reviewed by B. Collins on 12/26/19 via Google


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Whenever you come down to Savannah and you want to just take a load off and relax, The Marshall House is the place to stay!! Yes it is downtown in the middle of some awesome shopping but once you enter into these lovely doors it is a quiet and serene atmosphere like no other...It is beautiful and gorgeous! The staff, they are amazingly wonderful and super friendly! As you can tell the property is well taken care of, the engineers, they must be well trained and highly skilled because this hotel does not look as if it was built in the 1800s on the inside nor the outside it is well preserved. I’m in love with this place and this will be my only stop in Savannah from now on! ♥️
Reviewed by GaboNaijaMum on 12/23/19 via TripAdvisor


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

We are so happy we stayed here in December. We were able to enjoy the amazing service, friendly staff, beautiful Christmas Decor and gorgeous room. If you are looking for charm, historical this is it. Each morning breakfast is served in an atrium (courtyard) and the coffee is fabulous. Our room was on the second floor and we had the terrace if we went out on it. It can be tricky to get on if you are short and I didnt' find out until later that they have step stools for just that issue. :) The floors are original to the house and although they can be a bit tipped, it's not that bad and I find it charming. There are stories that the house is haunted, but sadly I didn't see anything. The bed was exceptionally comfortable and the room very pretty. We would stay again in a heartbeat
Reviewed by Krioux48 on 12/22/19 via TripAdvisor